It’s hard to say where my passion for wedding photography really started, it could have been hearing the stories from my parents darkroom when I was a child, then again it could have been being my parents model in their studio set up in their garage.  It could have been the reportage journalistic photography that I gained an interest in as a teen from being an avid reader of various newspapers, but where I know it physically started for me was when I was 18 years old.

My parents bought me my first digital SLR camera and we were going to Donnington Park race circuit to watch a meeting.  I clicked away to my hearts content and from the images I captured I developed an eye for composition.  Technique followed and my interest exploded, bouyed by peoples encouragement I continued to hone my skills.

Five years from that fateful day, I decided to start a small part time company to showcase my skills in turn for gaining recognition and to develop into a fully fledged business.  Capeling & Co. Photographical, Kent wedding photography studio is where we are now.

One thing that has stayed at the core of Capeling & Co. Photographical is that we pride ourselves on offering value for money but never overcharge our cliental.  Normally this leads to the remark; ‘are you sure thats the price, I was expecting double!’.

So 7 years later, I bought a house with a studio room, I adopted two kittens, my fiancee turned into my wife, my gorgeous daughter came along, I moved house again and now my business is my main income.

I, like the business am honest, reliable, relaxed and friendly, if you’d like me to photograph yourself, your dream day, your children or just want advice, Capeling & Co. Photographical are here.

We/I look forward to hearing from you.

Kris Capeling,

Proprietor of Capeling & co. Photographical, Kent wedding photography studio