Been Playing…

Just a quick blog post to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

Photography for me is always developing; both in style and technique. As a photographer you find yourself forever learning something you didn’t know or attempt before. As of late I have became interested in music/fashion sub-genre of photography; the likes of which you see in magazines such as NME and on the social media sites of bands.

Having just received a new leather ‘rocker’ jacket in the post I thought I’d use it as a prop and take some ‘selfies’ with just a tripod, remote release, a roller blind and the settings within my camera and flash (settings/angle), no computer based editing. Just thought it gives you the idea of the lengths I go to to vary my shots and see what works and what doesn’t prior to your shoots so no time or shots are wasted.

All the images you see are inspired by the rock fashion category and just an idea of the images you can get if you throw yourself into your shoot and lose your inhibition. I prefer being behind the camera but when you are short of models needs must.

Have a look and if theres something you like the look of and want a go at why not get in contact and book a shoot at Capeling & Co. Photographical?


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